420 West Sam Ridley Parkway, Smyrna, Tennessee – Fourteen Foods
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420 West Sam Ridley Parkway, Smyrna, Tennessee

420 West Sam Ridley Parkway, Smyrna, Tennessee

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  1. I visited this location on Friday 10-24-14. I just want to start off by saying; I am very pumped to have a new Dairy Queen open up in the community. To make things even better.. you guys have your cakes on sale for %50 off of the original price. I must say you guys trained your employees well on suggestive sales..because I didn’t intend on buying a cake!! I am so excited you guys are here..!! Theres only one complaint…that I have…. as the cashier was attempting to pay out my orders… there was a very rude employee… standing behind me….demanding that the cashier… hurry up and cash out my orders… so she can place her order for her brake… I honestly think you guys should… re-teach the “customers first” policy… I was almost ready to tell that employee off! I realy commend.. the cashier for remaining calm..and proceeding to cash me out..and bagging my order…the cashier handle the situations well.. asking the employee to hold on a sec. although I dont remember is name I would like to think him…. ( mid height,slim African American, names start with an Lam.) I appreciate his services. I would also like to think the tall woman who mad adjustments to the cake! ( tall, white ,black polo shirt… looks like a manager) I do apologize.. that I cannot remember the employees names… I will be sure to point them out on my next visit. I really hope the store manager gets this… as the cashier.. only told me to go to this website… to give feedback.! 🙂 thanks so much guys!!

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